Connection Failed On LAN Server

  • Hi, I have been trying for days now to set up a LAN server. Everything seems fine on the hosts side, except my friend on the same network gets connection failed everytime they try to join. We have tried it the other way around - him hosting and me joining but we are getting the same issue.

    We have been through every troubleshooting and guide that we can possibly find - we have checked, double checked and triple checked the router settings, reset the router, opened the ports 3000 and 3001, turned off firewalls... pretty much every suggestion we have seen we have tried it and we are getting the exact same 'connection failed' error, which sadly, doesn't provide a bug report we can see.

    I can see many people have the same/similar problem but we have so far not come across anyone who has been able to fix this issue. This is pretty much a cry for help now. We have bought the game but have not been able to play it together. Help?? :(

  • Have you tried ?

  • No, but i have now. Thank you very much for the address :)

  • You're welcome :)
    While it's no secret they hide it on the front page. You have to enter your account to see it:

  • Did you get a resolution? I'm having this problem and stuck waiting for a response.

  • There is also live #support for minor issues in Discord.

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