[Client Bug] Cursor trapped and input locked so no other apps can be used

  • Alpha 2 Linux (Ver=0.2) seems to trap control of the cursor, and refuses to permit people clicking on switched tasks.

    In windowed mode, the cursors movement is clamped to the window boundaries even after task switching, but mouse input is trapped still so you can't click.

    This basically means eco is not practically usable for me in a multi-tasking environment because applications other than eco cannot be clicked on, even if I can task switch to them.

    To repeat:

    • Open a terminal
    • Start eco launcher
    • Select "windowed"
    • click "Ok"
    • wait for eco game to load the login screen
    • Press your Window Managers "Task Switch" keybind ( I'm using AwesomeWM, and that's WinKey + Tab )
    • Observe that other tasks can be brought to a visual foreground
    • Observe mouse still trapped in the games window limits
    • Observe nothing can be clicked on
    • Task-Switch until you find the terminal you started it from
    • Press Ctrl-C to halt eco and return mouse behaviour to normal

    Repeat steps above with "Fullscreen" mode and observe the behaviour is the same.


    I haven't gone further than the login screen in this version at this point as my server of choice isn't up. But not being able to task-switch at a login screen for a bit is sufficient for a bug in itself.

  • @hexk has this issue been resolved?

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