Low FPS always

  • I had 60fps when I started the game in singleplayer. On a server it was over 40 for some time but now it has dropped to 13-15fps. This is terrible. Sometimes you don't even notice it but sometimes it makes doing things very hard. I think my pc is not the worst so it is weird that I have soo bad fps..

    My specs:

    GTX 750 2gb
    i3 8350k
    16gb ddr4

    I thought those specs are enough for this game but no. What settings should I change or what should I do?

  • The problem is this game isn't optimized the devs need to optimize the game properly so it
    runs a lot better.

    The client right now is absolutely horrible and I don't think it is going to matter
    what kind of a setup you run because the client is so piss poorly coded right now
    that you are always going to get a low frame rate.

    i am getting a low frame rate as well the client is pure crap right now and
    needs a lot of work!

  • I lowered all the quality stuff until I got at least 15+ FPS it Works a lot smoother

  • But I have a sucker computer can’t wait for an upgrade

  • I have all of the graphics at minimum and it runs well until I go to a heavily populated city. I definitely recommend living 200m or so from major towns so you can walk there, but it wont lag you horribly.

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