Slow and Steady - 0,4x - Cooperation & Trade

  • Hey !
    Slow and Steady - New Cooperation & trade server !
    Opening Friday 16th, 20:00 (gmt+1).

    Reduced skill gain (0,4x) (but actions grant SP, to encourage physical exercise).
    For players (experienced or newcomers) who want a place to focus on specialization, efficiency, and cooperation between players, and who want to pursue mid/long term goals ! (the meteor is only a midgame objective...). A more creative experience, I suppose. No admin intervention (unless needed because of a bug ?), no reset.

    The only rules are to be polite and decent with other people, and to avoid resource wasting when possible (cutting an entire forest to make 500 hewn logs with efficiency lv.0 is not acceptable, and can doom the world if others do it too !).
    The map is 140x140 (2 km², so basically 4x the default map).

    IP and password will be released on this discord:
    Server is a rented one (located in western europe).
    See ya !

  • This sounds cool, I'll try and check your server out later today! Have yet to found one that I've wanted to stick with so far, so fingers crossed :)

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