General tips

  • So for those new to Eco, or returning players looking for better ways to play here are some of the things I have learn and thought I would share.

    • When the game wants you to Right Click on the deed in the tutorial. It doesn't mean put it in your hotbar, select it and right click your mouse. It wants you to Tab mouse over the deed and then right click, it doesn't even have to be in your toolbar.

    • minecraft has it's 16 x 16 chunks. Eco has 5x5. using the claiming post will show the chunks. remember to consider the chunk boundaries when building, setting districts, setting up farms.

    • Linking and unlinking storage. This is a very useful trick and can save a lot of effort. If storage is close enough, you can go to the Storage tab and access nearby storage. So you can put those 100 logs into a storage pile and if your workbench is close enough you can make hewn logs without having to carry the logs from the stockpile to the workbench. You can also unselect link chest so workbench one won't see stockpile one. this is useful when you run the bloomery and don't want the tailing to go into your main stockpile. you can also move items from one stockpile that is too far to see a second stockpile if you have an item with the storage tab between them. As your base spreads out you may find that your lumber coal stockpile doesn't reach your bloomery which you put far away from everything. but you have a anvil that can see the coal pile and your bloomery. if you open the storage tab of the anvil you can move the coal from the coal pile to the bloomery inv.

    • The link inventories works with shops too. Say you want to buy 100 lumber from the server mate. You might think you can't link your cart to his store because it's his store not yours. Nope... you totally can. you can go to the storage tab and link it and then buy 100 lumber instead of buying 20 at a time and loading your cart.

    • invest in a repair bench early.

    • if you are doing multiplayer plan things out before starting. one great thing to do is have one person become the devoted researcher, research gets fairly expensive late game and skill points(if you aren't running crafting=skillpoints) are hard to come by. But efficient research is totally worth it.

    • if you are doing multiplayer don't do crafting=skillpoints. This will create problems when you are trying to run a balanced game. professions like engineers, smiths, mason will amass tons of skill points while farmers and hunters will be left far behind and will the tons of extra skill points people will jump into other professions to avoid paying the cost. it also speeds the game up dramatically. played on a server that had crafting=skill points and we had laser in 7 days.

    • checking populations. First looking at the map and using the layers to find some is great.... it sometimes lies... you may search your mini map and not see anything. Type the name of what you are looking for in the chat. it should pop up are a Hyperlink name. mouse over it and you should be able to see the population count.

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