[EU/EN] New Server, 7.2.5, 9km World.

  • Come one, Come all! Our World, Our Legacy is a friendly community world with two objectives, first defeat the meteor hurtling towards us and build a thriving community full of trade and wonder!

    Our server has had some things changed listed below to add challenges as we found that defeating the meteor within 8 days was a little bit anti climatic!

    Server Name: Our World, Our Legacy (30 Day Meteor, https://discord.gg/T8kuVBE)
    Server Address:
    If this does not work please search using the keyword Legacy

    Current Server Version: 7.2.5

    Go Live Date/Time: 16/03/2018 - 19:00 GMT

    Server Changes;
    World Size: 9km
    Speciality Cost: 1.5x
    Animal Spawn and Pollutiom Increased
    Pest Plant Growth/Spawn Rate Increased

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