Connection Failed

  • Hi guys

    I bought the game yesterday and i can't connect to any server
    I allow "eco" and "eco" server on firewall, i try to disable firewall, delete my antivirus, run as admin, re install the game and still not working...
    Do you have an idea pls ?


    Id : tebo92i
    user id : slg120960

  • Good day tebo,

    Seems I have a rather similar problem, it's possible the servers are down since the entire game (singleplayer or not) is hosted on them as far as I know. For now let's just patiently wait for a little while imma recon.

  • Hum i can connect myself on main page and search some server, but when i connect to one it says "connection failed". But i talk to others peoples on discord and they are connected on the same server i want. Same for all server

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