Thyriel's ECO Mods - useful farming (NoSeedDrops) & BlastFurnaceAnvil [7.2.x]

  • Here you find some small mods i created for my own server. If you have any questions or whatever please respond to the thread in steam forums, i'm only ocasionally checking here:

    Useful Farming - NoSeedDrops

    • Seeds can no longer be gathered instead they must be created at a Farmers Table with the Seed Production Skills (so they make some sense at all and you don't need to eat thousands of seeds with high gathering skills)
    • Farming Skillbook recipe changed so it's craftable without seeds.


    • Overwrite /Mods/AutoGen/Tech/Farming.cs
    • Overwrite /Configs/
      Alternate On GitHub under /Configs/NoOvercrowd - this additionaly has deactivated overcrowd so you can plant field by field instead leaving space between and have a self-stable ecosystem

    This small mod adds the Anvil being craftable at the Blast Furnace so you can totally stop creating tailings once you have a blast furnace:


    • Overwrite /Mods/AutoGen/WorldObject/Anvil.cs

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