[SuggestionS] Billboard, mailing, herding and animals

  • Hello,
    I was thinking the other day while playing the game if there was a way to leave a message to the fellow citizens that weren't connected at the moment to inform them that we had a new community chest in the city center.

    I then realised my only option was to use a wooden sign, but seeing how it might end up taking a lot of space, I would love to see a general billbord that would work a bit like the contract board but that just receives messages/announcement.

    On the same note, but less crucial to the game, I'd love to see a posting system. We could build a mailbox and people could (using paper) write a message and leave it in your mailbox for more private messaging while unconnected. (We could have a postman in our town to deliver letters! :O) As I said, this last one is less "core" to the game and more "futile fun" but it was an idea I had.

    This way, we could cover the problem of offline messaging since right now the only way to talk to other player is to catch them while they are connected or use an external tool (forums or discord). Which isn't so bad it means I'll stop playing if it doesnt happen, it would just really help the immersion and give a nice fix (I don't think it would be too hard to create a billboard system; for the letters it might be different, I don't know.)

    Oh a last thing: Will there ever be breeding incorporated in the game ? I know the animals are mostly wild ones, but it would be nice to have a way to boost the population of some animals when they are too low instead of just waiting and hoping they do the do before dying. (For exemple we started out with 2 tortoise and they both died after 3 days without bearing a single baby :( ) Maybe not have a farming system as a whole (like sheeps and cows) but a way for the players to help repopulate animals like they kind of can with the trees and the plants. (Like set up the food the animals like around were they are could help the local population grow). I don't know. Not the best fix but a fix.

    Thanks for the game guys !

  • I am answering my own post to add to my last idea about breeding.

    I'm not 100% sure about it since I don't know exactly how your system work, but I was thinking that this could be a way of implementing it:
    (less easy)

    1. A kind of animal (new or existing) could be "tamed" using an item (let's say a collar or something) once you tamed an animal you can use a new tool (like a bell or something) that would "call" the animal to you when you ring it (allowing you to gather them around easily). This way you could have one tool per color of collar (in order to manage your different herds ?)

    It doesn't sound like much, but if you combine this with the second idea:

    1. Fences to make pinfolds (I think that's the right word, english isn't my main language). Basically : You create fences that nobody can get over (humans and animals). Using the bell (or tool) that I talked about earlier, you can take your animals in the pinfold and the size of it will determine if they can reproduce according to the space they have (in blocs). For example: let's say I have 2 hares in a 16x18 pinfold. There would be a rule that states that I can have 8 hares in that space, so the hares would reproduce normally until they reach this number (then I'll have to kill one or one will need to die of old age in order to get new bunnies).

    With this idea I came with some random ones:

    • Cows -> if you craft a bucket and tame one you can milk them
      Chickens -> If you put a couple of henhouses in the pinfold of your chicken they will lay eggs (you'd have to put fern or wheat every like 38h or so for them to use it)
      Same thing with sheeps and clippers to get whool (tailors could make clothes with it)

    I think you could get a pretty solid system this way without having too much new system. Then again I say that and I have no idea how the game works so maybe these are really big changes. I just think that they would all benefit the players and add a new layer to the farmer's role :) (you could be a land farmer or an animal herder. Also this way, the farmer helps other roles then cook (with the tailoring etc.)

    Anyways. I hope you guys think these are neat ideas :)