skillpoints of other player's

  • Hello, i see that other players from day 0 or 1 have learned many specialties that need 50 skillpoints, how is that possible in a short period of time ?

  • If crafting is turned on, you can earn points from crafting items. I just earned 111 skill points from macaroons

  • no, only by food and housing.

  • Specialties scale in cost based on how many you have. So while it may cost you 50 for a new specialty, it might have been much cheaper for them. No specialty has a base cost, it's only on how many you have.

  • but still you cant have so many points in the beginning of the game. you must wait to gain skillpoints. Advanced housing in day one or two ?
    Am i missing something ?

  • When players work together they can max out housing skill points within two days. That's 50 skill points per day using default settings.

  • there is also a setting that gives you skill points based on crafting. If that is on you can log in put in a crafting order that takes 24 hours, come back and have tons of skill points. Although we have experience bugs where sometimes the crafting job finishes without completely so the job is done, but you have to cancel to clear it and don't get skill points.

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