Is it possible to acquire block information included in the range?

  • Please let me know if anyone knows.

    I want to limit the places where minerals etc can mined.
    Because I would like the server players to use carts and roads and act extensively.
    However, it is too much to look for places with ores. so I would like to make a dowsing tool.

    Is there a function etc that acquires blocks within the range specified from my coordinates?

  • I solved my self, thank you.
    I could write a script to get block type of specified coordinates with reference to soil sampler.
    The subsequent processing is supposed to be feasible with basic C # syntax.

    Once the MOD is completed successfully, write the code.

  • I tried to describe the code as it is, it was judged as Spam by Akismet.
    I will only list the points.

    I was able to acquire item use coordinates using this.

    World.GetBlock(new Vector3i(x,y,z)).GetType().Name
    I could use this to get the block type of coordinates (x, y, z).

    I made a list of coordinates that needed to be judged using "for".
    After that, the type of block was judged by using "for" and "if" for the coordinates in the list.