[FEEDBACK] Lower your prices

  • I thought the game looked interesting and perhaps could be fun, until i saw the price tag...

    The game has such little content, and is in such an early stage, to charge $40 for a copy is absolutely absurd. Full triple A games release for that amount. If you're serious about the game and actually want it to be successful, your first step would be lowering the price. No reason somebody should pay full price for a game that is in its alpha stage, especially when there are 100's of other games that are far more complete and far better looking, that people could & would rather spend their money on.. You're pricing yourself out of the market.

    Anyways, thought the game looked cool, wanted to support it, but for it's price, i'm going to buy Squad, a game that was fully released today, runs on unreal engine, 50v50 combat, 5 kilometer map etc. etc. and you'll never guess how much they're charging.... $40....

    Take my advice, cut the price.

  • To be honest. i disagree with you. The issue is that developing a game cost money .. loots of it , they need to pay rent, software license ( those are really expensive ! ), rent for server ( also quit expensive ) developers want to get payed ( and good developer are also very expensive ) so lets break down there founding . they have 500k from a found + 200 k from kickstarter . game is set to be done in 2017.

    so lets devide 700k by those 2 years thats only ruffly 29000 dollars a month they have . so lets say they have around 7 employ's all on them get around 2,5k - 3k .. lets say 3k just to have a good margin thats monthly around 21000 already . + rent of the office .. naaa around 5000 a month and so on .. i really dont think i need to continue with my theoretical math here .. its almost nothing left. and i doubt this game will sell as weel as like minecraft did with its 10 million copies. So for now the initial price needs to be high to support the cost, and well its not a aaa game but you should see it more as to help founding the game to even have more founding to develop the game.

    I personally backed them with almost 200 $ at kickstarter because i like the concept and i know development is costly. and they cant sit with 0 $ left after the game is done .. because they need more money after the release in 2017 to both maintain ,extent and create a new game where they can life from.

    i hope i managed to give you some insight why possibly the price is high and hope you see why it is that high .. for now it is .. btw .. its not even close to the price other earlier games have & had .. like elite dangerous with 300$ and no goodies at all

  • I'm not a high business specialist. But I think in the game market today people easily try a game with a special concept for 20$ and not for 40$. Exemple : Kerbal Space program is a big success.
    For now the game needs money, so OK for the price. But maybe one day there will be an opotunity to half the price and offer an invite key to early backers. And then sell many.

  • depending on later sales .. prices can very fast start to drop if many people start buying it. so dont see away from it .. but for now ... well they need the higher price since they dont have a million in sells like other yet =) .. so well dont complain .. =P its at least not 300$ like i said .. like i paid for elite dangerous =P

  • I couldn't have put it better myself @NoBlackThunder

    And who knows the may be charging at a premium to not only cover costs but also to provide better support for those playing and/or testing the game than they may very well lower the price to $30, $25 or $20 USD when the game reaches Steam in a Beta state of completion.

    Though who knows as they could be following the same approach as most indies are as in they price the game low at first due to their potential customers taking a risk with backing/buying into a game in an early state of completion but also as an reward for those believing in them early on e.g. Steam Early-Access BUT than they start to scale the price up as the game progresses.

    Honestly I'd say it would be ill advised to price the Beta at say $60+ USD and I'd suggest the developers scale the price down when they hit Steam in beta to help gain a much larger tester base of consumers for the game.

    The downside with this is that current owners of Eco MAY be slightly put off that they paid $35-$40 on the game in Alpha and it is now $25-$20 on Steam BUT I feel those customers would be an acceptable minority and pricing the game in such a way benefit it and the community greatly.

    Perhaps @JohnK can touch on this subject further but I'd assume it's too early to tell what their future pricing roadmap may be, not to mention if they (the developers) are even willing disclose their plans on that matter to us, the community/consumers to begin with for various reasons.

  • OP is essentially implying that the game will never be worth the $40 they shell out for it, and that because the quality right now isn't great, and is not "AAA Quality", that it is not worth "AAA Quality Prices"

    But one day, it will be out of Alpha, and the quality you get will be much better than it is now, and you will still be able to play it with the license you got in Alpha.

    Thus, you're not actually paying for an Alpha Quality game, you're paying for the full quality game a few years in advance, and getting the benefit early access as a result of paying in advance.

    This is clearly evidenced by the fact getting alpha access costs more, not less than, beta access, and how the "developer pack" costs substantially more than the four-pack

    Because you're not just paying for a game that's already been developed.

    You're paying for the game, and sponsoring its development

  • @hexk while that is a given nowadays with early-access buy-ins for games and thanks for pointing that out for those select few who who may not understand that.

    I also forgot to check the pricing of Eco when it was on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1037798999/eco-global-survival-game/description

    It appears that for Beta Access it was $25 USD and if you wanted Beta + Alpha Access than it was $35

    Now that the Kickstarter has passed the price for access to Eco in its current state i.e. Alpha has been bumped up to $40 USD due to the 'early bird' Kickstarter prices being over now and I'd assume when the Beta rolls out for Eco we can expect to see the price drop to around $30 USD, followed by a release price of $25 USD (I could be wrong).

    Dev Tier Backer here btw :)

  • Thanks for the feedback, and you're right we're charging a lot for what's there, but that's because we're not just selling the game but a chance to be part of its development. We intentionally want to keep the playerbase small and the barrier to entry high, so that its a group of dedicated players who want to help us develop the game with bug reports, feedback, and contributions. The game is not even half done, it's not ready for a wide release yet, so while we could make a lot more money in the short term by lowering our prices, we would hamstring our actual release down the line, when the game is really ready (you only get one launch, as they say). That's the same reason we're not on Steam Early Access yet.

    So it's pretty likely we'll lower our prices, in a year or more after the game is a lot closer to release. I've seen a number of games do this (Planetary Annihilation, Crowfall) and I think its a good way to approach early-release.

    So a huge thanks to those supporting us in this initial phase and being part of development!

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