• So it is good to see that you can press the ctrl key to be able to get your character to dive
    down to the bottom of the lake / ocean but one thing I think you really need to fix is
    that a person doesn't have unlimited breath. You should put some kind of breath bar
    where a person can only stay under water for so long before they have to surface or die.

    Right now I was under water for 5 min or more with absolutely no consequences.

    I think that this is something that the eco developers need to look at.

    An average person can probably only hold there breath for a few minutes before
    having to surface.

    Can some one please look into putting something like this into Eco to make
    it more realistic so that you can't just stay under water forever harvesting clams, urchins
    or setting fish traps and that you have to surface again.


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