• I really think that Strange Loop Games needs to run the servers for this game
    The reason being is that I have been on a couple of servers already and
    I am getting any where from a 500 to 700 ms latency.

    And before you try and blame the issue with my connection there is
    no issues with my connection I am on a high speed connection and
    doing speed tests and pulling like 3 - 5 MB / S my connection is fast.

    I also work in the computer industry and I am a trained Network admin
    as well and know that there could be an issue with the route that
    is being taken from my ISP to the server so i did a trace route
    to the server and there was no issues up to the server.

    I think there are some of these servers which are being hosted
    on poor connections and sub standard equipment which is
    causing these issues.

    Also I don't believe that it is fair that simply because you may want
    to do one thing and the person that runs the server wants you
    to do something else so they ban you and you lose everything.

    I have run across that as well some of these "admins" and I use
    that term loosely have no clue on how to properly deal with people
    or run a server.

    I believe that the servers should be run by Strange Loop Games and
    a professional staff that knows what they are doing.

    Fine you want to run your own server that is fine but the main servers
    for this game should be run by Strange Loop games and we should not
    have to rely on others who have little to no knowledge on how to run
    a server properly.

    Also with all of these small servers the population is WAY too small
    where you are getting one or two people on and no one to interact

    Please setup your own servers Strange Loop Games and professionally
    host and run them.

  • Start your own community. Sounds like your an expert.

  • Sick of 99% of the people that try and run a server fail at it and you just get
    started on a server and either the server shuts down or the admin screws something
    up and then wipes the database or something happens.

    I was on one server where the guy didn't even know how to setup their admin
    access and I had to sit there and teach him everything.

    99% of the people who are currently running servers shouldn't be running servers
    because they have no clue what the hell they are doing.

    Unless you have a lot of experience with computers and running server
    you shouldn't even try and run a eco server.

    again Eco should be running the majority of the servers and not these unskilled
    users that have no clue what they are doing. So tired of having to restart
    over and over again because some idiot doesn't know what they are doing.

    Strange Loop Games please setup a bunch of servers and properly administer them!

    And going to a server and there being a 3000 to 7000 ms latency on some
    of these servers and yes I have seen servers in that range for a latency.

    People don't have the equipment to host the servers or where ever they
    are being hosted is absolutely horrible.

    People have absolutely NO clue what they are doing when it comes
    to hosting the servers and I strongly believe that
    it should be strange loop games that should be hosting these
    servers not individuals with very little skills with computers trying
    to fumble though getting the servers setup and figure out how
    to properly host them.

  • @The-Ghost Well, thanks for ranting here haha. I do understand your opinion tho, I have been running various servers across games for about the last 12 years ish. These services have been under my control and supervision about 90% of the time as every time I feel like I'm getting too old to maintain these things some server/community owner proves me wrong.

    As for Strangeloop I do find it odd they don't host any official servers or branch it off to competent community members to moderate them at least as I do understand you cant just throw up a server for this game it does need supervision.

  • Notbazzaro135 yes they do need supervisor and most of the people who are trying
    to run these servers do not have the skill set to do so.

    It is very odd that Strangeloop Games doesn't run any official servers

    I have seen some servers with a latency of 3000 - 7000 MS LOL I am like really
    you want me to play on that.. I have been on servers where once you get
    started and are a week into the game on that server the server just mysteriously
    resets and you are back to day one again the admin goes oops sorry.

    I just had one like that yesterday the server was up and running then all of a
    sudden it went down and when it came back up everything was gone
    and the one admin there said oops sorry the server own said that he didn't
    mean to reset it.

    So I said well you have the backups there right in the backup directory
    and he said umm no... I am like what the heck see when I am running my server
    here it is set to backup every hour and it keeps the last 12 backups well I guess
    this guy didn't think it would be a good idea to keep any backups.

    I mean it is things like that, that just drive me crazy as I said 99% of the people
    don't have the skill set to run servers like this me and you are probably the 1% that
    would Notbazzaro135 have the ability to properly run and maintain a game like this.

    Most of these people have no clue what they are doing and it is just a total mess.

    I really hope that StrangeLoop Games gets some official servers setup and I will
    go play on one of them.

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