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  • Hi there Everyone!

    Loving Eco, played around 60-80 hours over the last week. Pretty addictive for me.
    my Husband and his Brother also play, we have our own server so we tweaked the skill points a little to learn things faster.
    We come from a long line of games from WoW to Minecraft and everything in between.

    We've noticed a few minor things that we'd love to suggest. please.

    Inventory orgainizing.. A hot key maybe that would just refresh and stack, stackable things in your backpack and chests too when opened.

    A search box for your inventory when opening linked machies, benches, chests etc.

    Ability to rename chests once they are placed.

    Ways to save your password on the login screen.

    On the world map when looking for, example.. Potential Salmon yeild location, it would be great to have a list or something indictating/explaining what the color spectrum means.

    Thank you for all the time, effort and dedication, Dev Team,
    We can see ECO becoming HUGE,
    Really excited to be part of it so early on.

  • chest can be renamed currently. there should be a pencil icon to the left of the chest's name. click it and rename your chest. I am fairly certain thats a vanilla feature and not something my server host modded in.

  • Thank you so much, Tuvermage. :)
    I've not noticed the icon. hopefully, it is a vanilla feature. :D

  • Renaming is vanilla. Besides the pencil icon there are "Text" buttons, too. JIC you wanna have a licence plate or bump sticker on your cart...

    The color spectrum used is Low-(Black/none)-Magenta-Red-Yellow-White-High. Similar to rl weather maps indicating temperatures. Best equivalence would be heated metal.

  • Thanks, Thineboot.

    I see the cart renaming but nothing on chests. Hmm. Can anyone else confirm that we can rename chests, please?

  • image.png

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