Some questions about the ModKit (white cube, highlights and occupancy)

  • I everyone, i have some questions about the ModKit as the fan tutorial doesn't cover the entire process entirely, please if anyone can answer as i want to put a lot of new objects on my mod and i would like to do it properly since the beginning if possible:

    1 - about the White Cube component, i've understood that is for positioning the object relatively to the ingame block, and i've got the point. But what else? once i have positioned the object what should i do with that cube ? obviuosly i don't leave it enabled, but also if i disable it it's not good too, because i still see it when placing object ingame and if the object it smaller than the cube i don't see it (i see throu it while placing only if i put materials as "mobile/diffuse", with mobile/diffuse i do not get a border preview while placing but a full rendered object).
    Actually i delete the component, but i'm sure that it's not the right way, maybe it has something to do with occupancy ? should i replace it with the rendered object itself or something like that?

    2 - another cube question, how should i do when i have to place an object that is 2 block larger? because if i want to be able to put them serially i should set the cube on the left, or right, not the center, else maybe do i have to change it to a 2 block cube ? and when i change it do i lose the offset for ingame block ?

    3 - what about occupancy? how do i avoid different object the be intersected? are we talking about the same cube again ?

    4- as opposite as occupancy is it possible to place multiple items on the same block? let's say i have a little statue to put on the table and also a wall shelf to put on the same block, is there a way to have 0 occupancy for a selected object ?

    5 - What i have to do to get object volume calculated inside rooms? because right now if i put an object that uses 45mcube those meters are not counted on the room tooltip, it says 0 meters occupied.

    6 - How to a set a table surface as a real surface? actually to put something over a table i need a wall near as the table surface is not recognized so you need the wall to enable the block over the table, are we still talking about that white cube ? :)

    7 - i have a problem with object highlight, on some objects when i go near to them the green highlight that should be only on edges will paint the entire object and it becomes full green cryptonite, how do i avoid this ?

    thank you for any suggestion!!

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