• So I'm trying to build a Stove. I didn't realize until late it needs Pipes for smog. However, I see it can connect the pipes visually from right front, right back and right top. I can not however pipe the smog it creates out. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing removes it. Copper and Iron pipes. If you click on the "port" coordinates, it sets them to the left back corner of the stove (1 block away from stove). I'm just very confused.

  • Anyone who can help me with pipe placement to vent my smog? Any picture reference? I can't get this to work.

  • 20180316102626_1.jpg
    So...this is my exhaust block o.O

  • Just grab a few iron pipes (Carrying) and use your hammer:


  • Its a bug in the model at time. Pipes-connection on stove dont work now. The hole in the wall, one field up and one field left, is the only way how does it works now, think so.

  • Tested with latest EcoPC_v0.7.3.0-beta-staging-fb586bc2 they have fixed this bug.
    An iron pipe has to connected on the upper left (as intended).
    Without pipes smoke doesn't slip through roof anymore instead it's filling the room (that's why I've got it wrong before).

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