[Suggestion] A lot of stuff that could really do with some fixing.

  • Hey there. So I'll just start without a great introduction, as this doesn't seem to be followed by the devs anyways:

    -less ressources
    Especially with high efficiency, ressources get insane, if you just put a bit of time into it.
    My pick, my shovel and I have created a castled of 6000+ mortared stone in about 3-4 days.
    And I only did that parttime, as I was focused a lot on minting and other smelting things.
    4 Stone out of one Rock is way too much and irradicates the need for bigger machines.

    This is true for pretty much every X for 1 block in the game.

    -impact is too small for small servers.
    a group of 10 players with a mild sense of pollutionreduction doesnt even create 1/500th of what the earth can reduce again.
    Everything that burns coal/oil/wood should emit pollution depending on how fast it burns through the coal.

    -Fishing is useless. The rod 100% the fishingtrap 50%
    Why should i cook and prepare fish, when meat gives better values in every sense and animals aren't ever in need of extinction, since farms produce WAY TOO MUCH

    -general balance
    while i spoke about mining and building, a general balance would be appreciated. We have about 3000 corn a day from one farmer. Thats enough for a lifetime. And all this without any machines. Just reduce the yield, force a bigger spread of crops and make it harder to make the right fertilizer.

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