Where are the mushrooms?

  • i am searching in all whe world the CRIMINI MUSHROOM SPORES for craft the farming skill book but i can't find it!!
    Where can i find it?

    i am not sure that is the right section but sorry for that...
    THX for all that can helps!

  • If you really can not find any, then something has gone wrong in creating the world. Can unfortunately happen, is still a beta, but there is the problem since the early Alpha. It only helps to cheat or to start a new world.

  • you need to use the map and filter for Crimini mushrooms and look for the colored section. thats where you should find them. They are small and easy to overlook. depending on your gather skills you make have to pick a few of mushrooms. It took me a while to find them also but once I figured out how to look realized they were everywhere.

  • Make sure you are looking under the bushes with the little white flowers. they are hidden mostly.