Nuclear Winter & Alternate Doomsday Weapons

  • In line with another discussion about not completely destroying the world: Couldn't the nuke only destroy the specific part of the world where it went off, but elsewhere create a nuclear winter the players must survive?

    Also: What about other possiible Doomsday weapons? Like a gravitational weapon which would attract a new meteorite to orbit (if society already survived the last one) or accelerate the count down if one is already in orbit. There are probably many other possible dommsday scenarios.

  • Yeah I'm warming up to the idea of nuclear winter (pun intended) or post-meteor existence, basically if you're in a bunker when the meteor hits you can survive till you starve, basically, fighting over the last scraps of food from stockpiles.

  • I like the idea on being able to continue the game. I've never been too keen on builder games that have a definitive end.

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