ECO server discord status bot

  • Hi Gabeux,

    implemented this feature for you now, updated the main thread.

    Following templating variables are available:

        {server_name}          => Server name
        {map_size}             => Map size
        {player_count}         => Current player count
        {max_players}          => Max players / player profiles available on the server
        {version}              => Eco version
        {animals}              => Animal count
        {plants}               => Plant count
        {provider}             => Hosting provider (company owning IP)
        {country}              => Country (location of IP)
        {address}              => IP + Port
        {gametime}             => time since the server is running (ingame)
        {break}                => Line break

    Usage example:
    !setformat Server online! Servername: {server_name}{break}Players online: {player_count}

  • Ohh lovely! Thank you kind sir!! :D

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi,
    do you have any idea when you try the automatic off/online messages?

  • Give me a second, I'll have a look :D

  • I dont know if that works but is that scenario possible:
    Bot automaticly checks server status every X min.
    Then it compares with the current server status with the status in the variable "status" (needs to be declared). If the current status is not the status stored in the variable -> Post status in Discord & set the new status in the variable "status" and that in a loop ?

  • Okay, it took a while due to different things I was forced to do before starting working on the eco bot :D
    But now its implemented, just go to the channel you want to receive the messages to and type:

    To unsubscribe just type !unsubscribemonitoring

  • @msniveau said:


    thx that you did the code.
    One question: which is the interval the bot checks the server status?

  • Just another little thing :=) misspelling of "status"

  • fixed the typo
    the check runs every 2 minutes

  • thx. Is there any way to donate your work?

  • not nessecary, the whole bot is currently only 300 lines long, so not complex enough :D
    just enjoy it, custom "offline" - "offline" message formats will follow

    But I've now reached the point that I need to refactor the whole thing to make this more pretty before implementing new stuff

  • in my oppion is still a code with e.g. 10 line donateable if its a good function someone needs :) But thx for your fast response and coding

  • so, cleaned up the codebase a little and added custom monitoring formatting, reduced by 100 lines of code :D

    New command: !setmonitoringformat <status> <format>
    valid status: online / offline
    example for offline monitoring messages:
    !setmonitoringformat offline [{server_tag}] {ip}:{port} is unavailable
    results in [main] is unavailable

  • aaaand made it public - the code is still pretty ugly but okay :D
    github repo is linked in the main thread now

  • new version is out for a while now, seems to work pretty more stable

    this version supports other games as well:
    arkps, arkse, arkxb, arma2, arma3, bf3, bf4, bfh, citadel, conan, csgo, css, dnl, eco, empyrion, grav, hellion, hl2, kf, kf2, l4d, l4d2, mcr, pixark, steam, rust, tf, tf2, ts3

    another project which I'm not allowed to make public is used in here for getting the servers information, if you want to query any server on your own feel free to use the api

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