Can't see my dedicated server in the list

  • Hi guys,

    I just setup my server on a dedicated computer. I have forwarded successfully my ports (already did that for other game like ARK). But unfortunately, I can't see my server in the list.

    My world :
    My configuration in the network tab:

    Already restarted the server and he is running as administrator.
    Someone can tell me if I have forget something?


  • did you check the firewall too?
    IDK if you fixed this or not yet, but just want to help if i can

  • Yet I can access the game if I add manually the server into the game with the option "Add server" in JOIN menu.
    My firewall rules are ok, otherwise you would not have access to ! Do you have access to it?

    But I can't have the server in the public list... I don't understand...

  • check if it is actually trying to go to a open port, i have been having a bunch of port problems myself, always trying to hide behind a closed one, i finally had to set it with set net_port 3001 in a shortcut i made and its working much better for me now, now if my ISP can get there shit together and stop changing my IP address

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