Workstation Bug: Job Done, Time 100% Resources 100% - No outputted items/stuck

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    I'm here to report a terrible issue plaguing crafting right now. There is an issue where a project is created from any type of workstation where sometimes the project becomes stock with the following details,

    Job: Done - Time: 100% Resources 100%

    Yet no work is outputted into stockpiles and/or chests. These workstations normally have many linked stockpiles and chests, and yes, there is room in these chests. The items are just not being outputted sometimes. It does not matter if it is a small job for 1 item or a large job for 500 mortared stone.

    The jobs can become stuck and the only way to clear the workstation is my cancelling the project. Which deletes all resources used to make the item as well as the end product. You lose everything. It has become such an issue that our server has resulted in people not putting projects in workstations for more than a handful of the item at a time because the chance of encountering this bug and having all your resources deleted seems to be 50/50 at this rate.

    The only thing we can think of that might be causing the issue is that there are too many stockpiles and chests in range of the workstation, it does not seem to matter if they are linked (ticked) or unlinked, simply being in range of 5+ chests/stockpiles/torches (anything with an inventory) seems to create the bug.

    We will be trying to repo this with just 1 single chest and stockpile in range of the workstation and see if that fixes the issue but either way, this is a major issue! There is currently a bug report for it on their GitHub, but it sadly has no repo steps and does not seem to be noticed by the developers at all.


    If you have encountered this issue, please try post repo steps and please promote the issue on github to get the developers attention.

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