Eco Friendly Server - 90 Day - 4km - All Welcome

  • Fresh start as of 11 March and looking for new players

    Open to anyone who wants to play and have a good time.

    If you have trouble connecting or finding the server in the browser send me a friend request on steam and I will direct invite. My steam ID is jmcdona6.

    Server Details:

    • Operates 24/7
    • SP Gain (x2)
    • 4km Map

    Direct Connection:

  • Still actively looking for members. Currently have 6-8 active community members but would love to grow more.

    Open to all with a good mix of new and experienced players willing to cooperate and help others.

  • 10 active members looking for more. Very friendly community willing to help new players as well as experienced. Come join us in the fun!

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