Generated world missing resources for research

  • Hi,

    Most of the worlds generated by my Nitrado hosted server are missing resources for some basic research. Usually either missing mushrooms, huckleberries or elk. Is this intentional or are there plans to have at least some of these critical resources or will research requirements be changed?

    Thanks in advance for answering.

  • ive been noticing the same thing, after i have to spend atleast a hour re-gening my world just to get corn or other crops/animals otherwise research is impassable.

  • How are you checking the population? are you looking at the map and search the layers or are you type in chat the name of the item to hover over it and checking the population that way? the map sometimes doesn't work right. I searched for Corn on the map and saw nothing. Thinking I harvested it to death was about to reset when by chance I found a whole field of them. the map didn't say they were there but there was a whole lot of them. then I realized you can check populations but checking out the linked names in the chat. I hadn't over harvested, there was over 1000 corn on the map, the mini map just wasn't showing them.

  • I'm having the same issue. Just bought the game and was on my 3rd world when I noticed my planet didn't have 1 or 2 resources every time I generated a new world from that point on. I use 3 different ways to find Pops until I used the chat option to find populations numbers. They were either zero or one. This has to be a bug or glitch.

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