LAN / Internet Connect issue and Question

  • Hey guys, since the launch of 7.2.0 my friends and I had a slew of issues, but when the third hot fix came out 7.2.3, most of our connection issues disappeared. Now we have been mostly seeing small bugs, until today when one of my friends came over with his computer. He is connected to the internet with a Cat 6 cable to the router and I am using the wireless connection i have been playing on since 7.2.0 launch.

    Problem: Every time we try to connect to either game, both of us see "Connecting...." then 10 seconds later the game says "Connection Failed" then a option for a bug report reporting. We have both restarted steam made sure steam was connected and that we have Validated our files multiple times. Every attempt fails to connect to any game we start. All our friends are not playing on a Dedicated Server at the moment, but a game one of us hosts.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Hi, i stay with a dev during 6 hours yesterday cause i have the same problem, and nothing works. I think the best for now is to wait a new hotfix and see. Do you have any news from your side ?

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