Reduce repairing cost by efficiency skills

  • Hello.

    I have an idea to reduce repairing cost by efficiency skills same as crafting.

    I always play this game with friends, on my private server.
    And we think repairing cost is too much.
    Crafting tools is cheeper than repairing it in same situation.

    For example, to repair an iron pickaxe, it costs 10 iron ingots.
    But if you have an efficiency skill(80% reduction), to craft an iron pickaxe costs only 4 iron ingots and 2 boards.
    Do 2 boards have same value with 6 iron ingots?
    Of course not.

    Please consider it.


  • This has been raised over on the github.

  • Thank you for the information!

    I dicided to be looking forward to being resolved the issue.

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