[Suggestion] Change to some skills to improve QoL in-game and feedback on future projects/updates

  • First, I'm gonna just real quick touch on the new post for the upcoming vehicles with a couple of critiques for those (nothing big/bad. I love what you guys are doing) and then go on to some suggestions for the rest of the game.

    The ‘bulldozer’ looks more like a skid steer to me. I think it should probably be renamed as such and then have an actual bulldozer a little later in game alongside the excavator for larger scale work that would be able to break stone. Maybe the skid steer could ‘work’ 2 or 3 tiles wide at once and the bulldozer could do 4 or 6.

    Also really wish you guys would make these construction vehicles tracked. While, granted, there are wheeled skid steers, most construction equipment used in this capacity is tracked. It’s more stable, allows for greater mobility on an often uneven and debris laden construction site, and gives the machine more grip/traction to perform high torque jobs. I think y’all should seriously consider changing the excavator, grinder, and a future big bulldozer to tracks rather than wheels and allow them to drive over 1 block inclines either up or down. It’s also worth considering making the skid steer tracked, or having both a wheeled and tracked version.

    If you’re looking for ways to balance this, an easy balance would be to code it so that if you drive a tracked vehicle over a road it damages/destroys it and have it trample grass/bushes/crops down to dirt. It’s common knowledge that tracked vehicles are very destructive on the environment upon which they’re driving, and would definitely tear up a dirt or stone road. Perhaps asphalt roads could be immune to track damage, which would give a further incentive to build them.

    Now for further suggestions:

    -Change the way basic task skills are handled. As it stands, each basic task has its own specialization (digging, logging, mining, gathering, and hunting). That's 5 "specializations" to take to perform basic tasks without destroying your calorie count every time you need a few stacks of wood or to flatten an area for construction. This obviously increases the cost of future specializations into your ACTUAL 'career' as it counts towards your overall specs. I believe that all of these should be lumped into 1 specialization under the survivalist tree "Self-Sufficiency". All 5 of those skill trees should be lumped into there in somewhat modified groupings. My idea for this would be as follows.

    Self-Sufficiency: Unlocks Digging, Logging, Mining, Archery, Gathering, and Fishing in 6 trees.
    Digging: Shovel Efficiency -> Shovel Durability
    Logging: Logging Efficiency -> Logging Damage -> Axe Durability
    Mining: Mining Efficiency -> Pickaxe Durability
    Archery: Bow Efficiency -> Bow Damage
    Gathering: Scythe Efficiency -> Scythe Durability -> Basic Gathering
    Fishing: Fishing Rod Efficiency -> Fishing Rod Durability

    New/Changed Skills:
    -Durability, increases # of actions a tool can withstand by 10% per level, maximum of 50%
    -Basic Gathering, increases # of plants gained by gathering by 1 per level up to 5 (All existing gathering skills lumped into 1 skill). Plants no longer give seeds unless the player has a new skill outlined below, Herbalism.
    -Fishing, the ability to clean fish or shuck claims will be moved to the cooking tree, the above fishing skills only allows you to build a fishery, a fishing rod, and fish traps at the same levels as currently exist.

    Farming would have an additional tree added to it:
    Herbalism -> Botany

    New Skills:
    -Herbalism, increases the # of seeds obtained thru gathering of wild plants by 1 per level
    -Botany, Allows the dissection of plants to gain a basic understanding of what it needs to thrive. Each level grants an additional layer of data.
    --Level 1, Dissection/Examination shows preferred temperature range.
    --Level 2, Dissection/Examination shows preferred moisture range.
    --Level 3, Increases accuracy of botanical examination results by 25%
    --Level 4, Increases accuracy of botanical examination results by 50%
    --Level 5, Increases yield of farmed plants by 50%

    Botany Explained:
    At levels 1 & 2, the player can take plants to the farm table and perform a task "example <plant>". By default, the results are 50% accurate, meaning at level 2, a player could examine a beet and find that it prefers temperatures between 7 and 13, moisture between 15% and 50%. At level 3, the range would decrease and become more accurate. For example, Temperature between 8.5 and 11.5. At level 4 it gives you exact numbers for what the plant will grow optimally at.

    The skill to clean fish, clams, urchins, and kelp as well as their efficiency and speed skills would be moved into Butchery under their own tree:
    Fish Cleaning -> Fish Cleaning Efficiency -> Fish Cleaning Speed

  • Additional Tools:
    -Jackhammer/Pneumatic Drill - Handheld powertool to work as an intermediary between the pickaxe and grinding machine. Consumes less calories and breaks rock faster/more efficiently. This tool always breaks rocks into chunks of 4, never creating the block of rock/ore that requires a second hit to break. Can hold the left mouse button to continually break rock where the cursor is pointing. (Requires a compressor or generator within an arbitrary distance to work.)

    -Pneumatic Shovel - Handheld powertool to work as an intermediary between the shovel and the upcoming bulldozer/skid steer. Quickly collects dirt while the left mouse button is held down into a stack of 10 in the player's inventory. (Requires a compressor or generator within an arbitrary distance to work)

    -Chainsaw - Handheld powertool to work as an advancement of the hatchet. Consumes less calories and cuts down trees much faster, allowing more precise cuts. Also cuts off branches with ease. (Must be fueled with gasoline, perhaps implementing a mechanic where right clicking a barrel of gasoline with the tool equipped fuels it from the barrel)

    -Compactor - Deployable powertool to work as an advancement of the road tool. Is placed like a cart, runs on gasoline or biodiesel, and is guided by 'pushing' it around. Compacts tiles in a 2 wide path into dirt roads. Allows for mid to late game quick deployment of basic roads without use of calories.

    -Lawnmower - Deployable powertool to work as an advancement of the scythe for cutting large swaths of grass for plant fiber. Is placed like a cart, runs on gasoline, and is guided by 'pushing' it around. Cuts grass in a 2 wide path.

    -Electric Lumbermill - A sawmill powered by electricity rather than mechanical power, twice as fast as the regular sawmill with maybe more/different/new recipes for late game wood use.

    -Air Compressor - A placeable 'workstation' that powers nearby pneumatic equipment. Runs on gasoline or biodiesel and occupies a 2x2x2 space.

    -Portable Generator - A placeable workstation that powers nearby electric equipment. Runs on gasoline or biodiesel and occupies a 2x2x2 space.

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