(Suggestion)Sorting Linked storages

  • Hi i would like to suggest a little improvement on how we browse the storages. When opening storages it would be fun if we could have them sorted by distance from the storage we open it from. Like the closest of us would be on top and fardest to the end of the list. that way we could know what is where easier.

    Thank for the wonderfull game btw you are all doing a fantastic job and i m proud to have bought it even in its early stage to see it growing into one of the greatest game i have played .

    Christian aka Barthy Roberts

  • In addition, the ability to sort output from machines into specific chests would be nice. It's sometimes hard to find where things like camp fires are putting their finished products.

  • It is currently possible to sort linked inventories. Click and drag them in the list. Materials will be taken from the highest available and produced goods will be put into the highest free slot.

  • There is a way to make machines output to a specific chest, but to do you also will limit the input chest also. Click the storage tab and deselect all storage except for the one you want. and remember you can rename chest by clicking the pencil icon next to the name. It would be nice if you could filter outputs from one machine across many storages, but you can have all your camp fires products go into one chest only.

  • I think the easiest way to implement such a feature would be a filter on the stockpiles / storage chests. This keeps the workbench logic as it is now:
    Put any output in the first storage that accepts it. (Like "hewn logs" wont go in a chest even if its on top because they dont fit there)

    With a filter on a stockpile you would just have to check if the first accepts "hewn logs" then the second etc until you find the first that takes them.

    I guess there might even be a filter like that active to select what goes into a stockpile or a chest so it might be possible to implement with only some hours of work

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