Smoothing/reshaping terrain/blocks with proper tools

  • Before I bought this game, I just watched some videos on YouTube I had seen for example that there is a way to make sloping terrain in crafting workbench which will give you solid piece of dirt which you have to place on the ground from your inventory. It will not connect to the near terrain and it's more brighter than normal dirt. It just doesn't look like proper terrain...
    It would be awesome to reshape the terrain/blocks with proper tool in place without need of any workbench. ^.^

  • What you saw is a road piece. There are 3 kinds of roads in game. Dirt, stone, and asphalt. Dirt roads are created by stamping the dirt blocks with a road tool and then placing the ramps to allow vehicles to traverse up and down slopes. It's meant to look distinct from regular dirt because it's a road.

  • Yea I got it. But that's really disgusting, how it doesn't even connect to other terrain and make gaps between it. It's just a dirt after-all, isn't it? It can't be so solid and so much different from other dirt... >.<
    And back to my suggestion. Your answer hasn't nothing to do with it. I wasn't just suggesting a tool (shovel) for reshaping terrain (dirt). It would be awesome for other materials too. ^.^

  • Have you even played the game yet? The ramps do connect to terrain, when they're placed next to roads. That's what they're for. You use a road tool to stamp the dirt at the top of the ramp and it connects seamlessly to the ramp.

    As far as 'smoothing' terrain I'm not sure how well that would work in game. It uses voxels like minecraft. You'd probably have to place blocks, which are already in game (stairs and ramps). Otherwise I don't really see much of a point to reshaping edges of terrain.

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