What happens if I will cut down all the trees in the whole planet?

  • I don't have the game yet, but if I will cut all the trees in the whole planet, what happens? This is a stupid question, but also a good one because this phenomenon of deforestation is hurting the planet. I would propose to put this thing in the game and, if it happens, to start a process of desertification.

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  • @Marco4803it said:

    ... to start a process of desertification.

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  • There are no sandworms on Eco yet. But who knows, it's modable...

    As for deforestation, each plant has various parameters attached to where it can grow. Change these parameters by ruining the world around you you could create circumstances were it's possible.
    A much easier way to prevent/limit self-reforestation is to only use the logs and leave the site full of pulp and a stump.

    At the moment desert is a biome like in MC.