Tree bug in 7.2.3

  • hey guys, i've got a bug on my local server

    Server, Client or Website?
    Server side (local EcoServer.exe (Steam))

    OS/Web Browser?
    Windows 10

    Detailed Description of Issue:
    Yesterday i planted some cedar and birch trees to let them grow over night (real time). Today they visually disappeared. But i can't plant new trees because the "dead" cedars and birches are still there.

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce?

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue:

    Additional Comments:

    Client Version? [Alpha .01 for example]

    tree_bug_02.PNG tree_bug_01.PNG

    best regards

  • Interesting Bug, can you Dig the ground to get the invisible tree removed? Or are you able to work it with you Axe so it gets removed?

  • digging the ground and place it back didn't remove the invisible tree.

    But, after i let steam check the game for errors twice, it found 1 file that should be corrupted. After redownload this file, everything is working fine. trees are completly dissapeared and i can plant a new one.

    So my problem is solved now. Thanks everyone :D

  • I Have the same problem but no Steam Autofix... its a Standalone-Server... is there a Fix for me? :(

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