Whovania's Mod V 0.1 for 7.2.3

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, thanks for the update!!
    I've noticed that on all items there's a new [currency] string that is missing on your modifications, also many items now have a 20 stack as default so the modded items are reduntant and not needed anymore.
    About objects latest patch added (linkable) storage on some fornitures, maybe you should take a look on updated vanilla cs files, probably you can remove/improve some stuff there aswell.
    also there's a new string on objects that added a tooltip about housing that is missing on yours..

    i've compared and fixed that for my server if you mind i can share :)


  • Yeah. My server just restarted and we are a still playtesting this. We have noticed that most items do stack 20, while some stack 15(like hewn logs) Will be testing more stuff out and making a fix soon! :)

    Thanks for the feedback!!

  • I installed this to try it out on single player mode and it won't let me in game. i get a connection failure message. I uninstall it and i can get in game just fine.

  • Reply to your private chat, to help you :) Altho, I also wonder how you uninstalled this?

  • Was going to ask if this worked on 7.2.4, but now they've gone to 7.2.5 even. O.o

    I had to remove it in 4 because of a crash (and no, I don't have the log, sorry - normally I'm good about that, but I failed). I miss my carts actually carrying the right amounts... does it work still? Generally I mean?

  • Yes it does

  • Is it likely that this mod will still work when 7.3 comes out this week?

  • Nope.. but I will update it!

  • Awesome! loving the mod by the way

  • Thanks, I may remove big chest, as I do not think SLG is gonna put that skin back in. I hate white boxes. Do not mind for icons, but as for world objects...

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