Steam keys

  • Hi all,
    If I buy a 4 pack from the site, do I get 4 keys to reedeem the game on Steam ?

  • I was wondering the same thing, it's all thats stopping me from purchasing for my gaming group right now.

  • As far as i know...i purchased the product on the homepage thinking i couldnt play over steam. That was a con for me but after purchase u have the option to link your eco account to steam. No problem playing and downloading there;)
    I expect that it behaves the same for all other keys.

  • What if you bought your game first on Steam? I did, and now I can't figure out how to create an Eco account and link it. Is it that I should have done it reverse and now I am SOL or is there a way?

  • No clear answer ?
    From a team member or someone who already bought a pack ?
    As Qonyin said, a clear "yes" is also the only thing that stopping me from purchasing a 100$ pack...

  • I went and baught it anyway. you do not get 4 steam keys however you get 4 invites that your friends/family can use to sign up here and at that point link to thier steam account and get the game on steam.

  • Thank you Qonyin.

    I will then do like you :-)

    Shame you were obliged to test yourself to have the answer, but thank you very much for sharing.

    Hope you and your friends will have good time with this game.

    Perhaps we will meet on a server ?

  • I just did this for my family. These are the steps I took. Everyone already has a steam account if that helps. I bought the game, and there's a section under my account where I was able to send invites to my family. I had each of them create an account on Eco, sent them an email via my account page (there's a section to do this from). When they then checked their Eco account pages they were able to download the game and then link the game to their Steam account all from their Eco account page. Does that make sense?

  • Susuwatari, thanks also for this detailed answer.
    I am finally going today with a Developer pack (4 pack + access to source code and ability to submit games changes) as one of my sons (and me) are IT people.
    Wish you all good playing time.

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