Housing Skill-Points too low / not affected by config

  • The housing SkillPoints (SP) are too low.

    How I tested:

    1. Load default Config
    2. Eat high qualitiy food ("/give Ecoylent,10" just for example)
    3. Build a house (I have two little wooden rooms, one with Icebox+4chairs and one with latrines for example)

    Now you get up to 2.000 SP for the food and just 0.8 SP for your house. So the SP for the house is not affected by any of the configs... It should be affected at least by the MainMultiplier. In Comparison to the food, the house should give something like 200-400 SP for example. So I guess it's a bug, right?

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi,

    i can not confirm your statement. If you have balanced Rooms (which is important) you will find a House baseline SP value if you hover your mouse over the diagram. Now you see a value per day, this will be multiplied with you skill modifier.

    At least this is what i can observe on my Server.


  • Ok, did'nt saw the points are only effected if I change the objects or reconnect.
    But in my situation, if I set the Multiplier to 100, the food will give 200.000 SP and the house only 800 SP...

    So I created a new house with 5 rooms und some furnishers, I get a room sum of 16 und a room balance of 1...
    Let's say I use the best objects und best balance (this would be a huge house), I don't know the numbers, but let's say:
    room sum: 100
    room balance: 2
    SP for house: 200
    House With Multiplier: 20.000 SP
    Food with Multiplier: 200.000 SP

    You see, the difference is too big, isn't it?

    Lets ask like this: Is it possible to get nearly the same amount of Points (let's say 100 SP) for maximum food and maximum house? What is the max value for housing you can get (with default multiplayer set to 1).

    Thanks & Regards

  • of course the difference is big. Its also stated that the SP generated by Housing is having a limit.

    As soon as you add more furnishings like 2.5 per Room. It gets a decent bonus.

    On my Server with a SPM x3 you generate about 110-130 SP per Day if well feed. My house is generating additional 51SP per day (avg. room value is 2.73). So its almost 40%. That has a certain impact, which is not deniable.


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