alpha 0.2 patch notes

  • alpha 0.2 is right around the corner .. here are the current patch notes :

    Alpha 2

    New Content

    Town hall now allows you to mint coins.
    Tree seeds will now sometimes drop from cut logs if your logging skill is high enough.
    You can now craft new axes at a builder’s hut.
    Cooking skill now attainable at any campfire.
    Kitchen added. You can make better meat-based foods here.
    Baking Skill book now attainable at the mill.
    Bakery added. You can make better grain-based foods here.
    Added waste management building. Turns items into larger stacks of garbage at the cost of minor pollution.
    Shoveled dirt will be added to your inventory. This will likely change in the future with transport, but for now we’ve enabled it.
    You can now build dirt and stone roads at the town hall. Both of these will give varying movement speed benefits. The art is not final for these.
    /reopen when you are standing in an owned building will put it back in construction, letting you make modifications to the building. This feature will be integrated properly (not through commands) in the future.


    Logging now gives wood proportional to your logging skill.
    Log roofs may be removed with axe, not just hammer.
    Buildings should prevent deconstruction correctly now.
    Town hall creation requirement reduced.
    Added /help for chat commands.
    Added /players to get a list of online players.
    You can no longer eat craft table fees.
    /unstuck now places you at the highest block position, doesn’t just Icarian Flight you.
    Storage House is now a larger building, but gives a “big chest”.
    Added an automatic backup plugin to the server.
    Re-ordered tech tree to make prepared meat more useful.
    New items no longer are placed in the first available empty spot.
    Vastly improved server startup time. Should be at or around 15 seconds (depending on CPU specs and excluding any load time.)
    Numbers on toolbar and mouse-wheel to scroll through items added.
    Did a pass on max stack sizes for all items.
    Law page: edit and remove graphs.
    Law page: URL and port are both relative to the server’s domain.
    You no longer need to run the server as admin for laws to work.
    Added time of day scaling. This value can control the length that the day/night cycle lasts, but doesn't otherwise affect the time scale of the game.
    Added option to seed the world generation off a base seed, instead of needing to set seeds of each individual module.

    Bug Fixes

    Mouse lock fixed for users playing in fullscreen with multiple monitors.
    Issues with construction sites such as “This site is not yours” have been resolved.
    Server crash fixed when picking up and placing world objects quickly.
    Fixed issue with laser beam always showing when building laser.
    Fixed issue with mod kit compiler failing to write to temp directory.
    When abandoning a construction site, your current location currently updates.
    Skill scrolls actually consume themselves on use.
    Occasional mismatch between held object vs selected object resolved.
    Fixed bug with middle-mouse dragging icons.
    Skill scroll crafting no longer duplicates skill books.
    Various save/load issues resolved.
    Can no longer plant seeds in volume you don’t own.
    Resolved problem where cancelling an order led to an instant second order being fulfilled.
    Food correctly sets its start time for freshness calculations.
    Fixed variety of bugs resulting in improper building progress.
    Fixed crash on organism flee.
    Fixed occasional black or oddly colored terrain
    Improved selection logic for toolbar when using items.
    Fixed mismatch between crafting-related laws and cancelling work orders.
    Fixed various startup issues.
    Law page: correct fonts working on major browsers.
    Law page: partial fix to Firefox not opening a law.
    You may not abandon a re-opened building.
    Placing construction post on debris/plants no longer results in no craft table.
    Fixed a variety of issues for the Linux build. Linux server is almost ready.
    Various arrow fixes, still a few oddities.
    Various fixes to laws.
    Pollution should now clear up after the source is removed.

    Also please be aware, there might be more hotfixes for alpha 2, and currently all patches / hotfixes might wipe your world or break mods

    Q: How will we know when alpha 2 will be released ?
    A: You will receive a email with notification of the release.

    Q: When will alpha be released?
    A: If everything goes well within between 9 December - 11 December.

    Q: Will alpha 2 wipe my world ?
    A: Yes .. for now every major patch like alpha 2 will always wipe your world.

    Q: Can i get access to the pre-release of alpha 2 ?
    A: Only dev tier backers or backers with source code access can download and test the current release candidate for alpha 2

  • from this point below her you can comment and/or give feedback on the patch notes or ask questions if you like :

  • Whats with the server bug, where all animals die after a few days? Will this be fixed? Cause currently its holding me back from playing =

  • need to hear with the devs about it

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  • he knows i posted it here =P .. but yea its his list from github =P

  • Is the patch out now and does that mean I need to download a new version of the server and client?

  • Nit yet. They have an internal release and test client right now. But i think they try to fix as much as possible before releasing it. So it should be out soon

  • @Wutstock said:

    Whats with the server bug, where all animals die after a few days? Will this be fixed? Cause currently its holding me back from playing =

    There is a hard-fix for this in alpha 2.0 that blocks animals going extinct and keeps a few of the species alive.

  • @NoBlackThunder @devs

    Is there a chance to get it this weekend? Friends and I can´t wait to test it :D

  • I have No idea. Maybe monday? 😛

  • Maybe the devs could give us a little hint? :)

  • maybe they found a new bug they like to fix first before the release :)

    On my part, I prefer a good running version which maybe takes some extra time, than a release that is rushed and full with bugs.

  • @Ubivis
    I totally agree with you, but when the "weekly" update gets delayed, it would be nice when some information comes around the corner ;)
    That's my opinion

  • @Wutstock said:

    the "weekly" update

    Current update schedule is bi-weekly.

  • i guess that it might not get stable bu weekly times before next year .. closing into Christmas now. so that might mean that next uptade is not before next year =P so people are just aware of that

  • So. Alpha 0.2 is our Christmas present? Damn I opened it to early xD
    Thanks a lot Santa JohnK and his reindeer dev team :)

  • hehe yepp alpha 2 is the Christmas present

  • This post is deleted!

  • It's so strange that alpha 2 was just 7 months ago. Gosh, time flies.

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