More Variables in Law-System (add features)

  • We tried to build city areas / districts in the world. To give the users some bonus if they build their stores there, we tried to add laws (for example):

    • 20% tax of all sales
    • 10% tax (discount) of all sales, if they are in the city areas / districts

    I wonder, you can use such variables like "number of sale actions"... who need this? :D
    Well the point is: We need a "simple" variable like "sell value" and maybe "contract value/payment". So we could create 2 laws:
    If district "city" => Tax = Sale value * 0,1
    Else => Sale value * 0,2

    I hope you can add this (hopefully) simple feature in the next update, so we can start our world :)

    Thanks & Regards

  • I also had an idea for a law and was unable to make it using the current system. Given that trees are an important resource, and that many servers seem to have dwindling tree populations due to deforestation, I wanted to propose a law that upon attempting to plant a sapling a player is rewarded (perhaps with reputation); this would encourage players to make the extra effort to replant trees. I would actually like to see reputation rewards for more of these kinds of responsible actions, similar to the way a company in real life would leverage their green actions for reputation.

  • Ah we had some similar ideas, we want to create jobs like "forester", they will get paid regulary (via treasury).
    But maybe you could create a rule with "positive" Emit Air Pollution (PPM)? I'm not sure yet.

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