ServerName and another config documentation?

  • Hallo,

    can some one help me please? I want to change the name from our EcoServer. I run the Server with --no-gui on a Linux machine, I can't find any config to change the name, its take always the hostname.

    And is there any Documentation for all that Configs?
    What means as example the variable Rate: 10 in Network.eso ?

  • Hi @TheCherry ,
    i had the same question, but i found a way, to use a own servername instead of the hostname on Linux machines.

    Just edit "" in /Config and add

    "Description" : "SERVERNAME", (when add this to the last Line, add a "," after the ServerBrowserService-Thing.

    2018-03-30 16_22_53-C__Users_bl4ck_AppData_Local_Temp_scp55726_home_gameserver_eco_Configs_Network.e.png

    Hope it helps. It worked for me

    Edit: Rate = Rate at which the Server sends updates to clients, per Second. (1 - 60) (Seen in Winblows-Server-Configuration)

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