• Hello everyone,

    My name is Anthony. I am 25 and I live in Port Orchard, WA right across the water from Seattle. I have very little experience with programming. I have self taught myself beginning of perl, C++, and python. I'm not a great artist either nor do I have any experience in development. I am getting ready to go to college here this spring for video game and simulation programming. I hope to help out with Eco in any way I can. I have experience with doing game testing for games and am a great bug hunter in game. I hope to at least bring a mind to the development that is great at looking at games from multiple angles while playing and doing things in game in a manner that is meant to see what the game can take in terms of unusual conditions stress testing.

  • Hi All,

    Name's Andy. I'm a Electrical and Computer Engineer, fresh out of Rowan University. I have a decent range of computer language knowledge, mainly C/C++, Java, Verilog, MATLAB, SQL, and VBS. I also have some experience creating Android applications and creating BIRT reports, both from Java.

    From an involvement perspective, I'd love to contribute in any way I can, from testing/running simulations to writing code and adding cool stuff. The concepts behind ECO seem fascinating and I really want to see the game and community succeed.

    Some information about myself. I I said i just graduated from Rowan this spring and really enjoyed my time there. While I was at Rowan, I joined a really awesome Co-ed Service Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. I served in various leadership roles, mainly as our Sergeant-at-Arms for four semesters and as a Conference Chair when our chapter held a statewide conference for all of the APO chapters in New Jersey. During my Senior year I also got involved in Student Government and served as the Commissioner of Elections and Community Standards, during which time I completely overhauled the role and its responsibilities since it was in complete shambles before.

    As a gamer, I enjoy playing a decent variety of games, though I tend to shy away from straight up shooters and tend to go for the simulation/roleplaying/grand strategy games. I've sunk four years of my life in League of Legends. My other favorite games include Civ V, Minecraft, The Sims 3, Crusader Kings 2, and (an old one) X-Wing Alliance.

    I hope to contribute in any way I can and see this game grow and develop.

  • My name is Michael. I have minimal experience in coding and slightly more in art, however I would like to learn how to make digital art and perhaps I could contribute art to the game.
    If nothing else I can give my opinion.
    I am looking forward to playing this game. I plan on being a miner.
    The animal I want most added to the game is the Red Fox. I love foxes. I would love to contribute ideas, opinions, and maybe art too if I could to help foxes be added. It lives all over the northern hemisphere, so many biomes could have it.
    I look forward to contributing how I can and enjoying the game.

  • Hey everyone,

    Brian here, I'm 25 years old from Raleigh NC. I work as a Network Engineer and my current role is in testing and break/fix for client solutions. I've only been in my current role for a year but I'm passionate about what I do and wake up every morning happy to go to work :) I used to dabble in programming years ago and plan to take up Python and a couple other scripting languages in the coming years.

  • Welcome everyone! Now that the Kickstarter is done I'll have slightly more time to chat in the forums. Us devs are also pretty active in the slack channel too so do check it out if you havent.

  • Hey everyone!

    My name is Gian. I'm an aspiring game developer who believes in that games can positively impact the world in some way, either with knowledge, raising awareness and/or finding solutions to various issues of the world in creative and maybe fun ways!

    I have little bits of knowledge on various parts of Game Development which include: Programming (Haxeflixel) and Art (Pixel Art and 3D modelling) and Game Design (2D Platformers).
    But I'm currently better versed in Video Editing, Image Manipulation and GIF making, basically multimedia stuff.
    I also have some basic knowledge of Aquaponics, which I hope we can implement in the game along with other modern farming techniques and methods.

    I hope to learn about the programming and design of the ecosystem and how each action effects the world it as I've had a similar idea a while ago for a 2D game.
    And in return I'll try and help with the HUD/UI, "Game Feel" (visual/audio feedback) and maybe once I improve, programming!

    Looking forward at the impact this game will have on education and the world!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Nancy from Germany. I have a BA in Multimedia Arts/Web Development and currently I'm working for a publishing service provider.

    The idea behind ECO is very inspiring and I hope I can help you reach as many people as possible with it.
    The most realistic scenario is, that I'll contribute Ideas and bug reports during alpha and beta. I'm good at finding bugs. I'm often trying out unconventional things in software. I think I'm good in writing bug reports, too.

    I might be able to give feedback for the website and UI, too. I like to think that I have a good eye for details and small changes that improve the appearance, even so I'm not able to create something amazing by myself.

  • Hi I'm Seth Veale and I'm the only one with my name so you can google my linkedin if you feel the need.

    I'm kind of here to bliss out and play video games. Thought I might SS some gifs of stuff I thought was fun. :)

    I didn't really expect to see the code or internals so I'm looking forward to reading it and seeing how it all works.

  • Hey there Team ;D

    I'm David (or Dave) and I'm from Austria (Vienna)

    I once did some Community Management at a browser-game (still up and running btw.) for about 1 1/2 years but had to quit since I hadn't enough time any more when I started University.
    That Job was totally for free (no salary) and I liked doing it and it gave me a lot of experience.
    (My Job was: CM for the German/Austrian/Swiss Community, Translating, Administrating. Media, .. well all that needed to be done. Events, Sales, Specials... You name it)

    After that when I started to have time again I got my self into Minec** and went on being a Server Mod/Admin for over 2-3 Years.. amazing and long time and a lot of fun. :D

    Now I'm working at the airport as Passenger Service Agent and pretty much doing all the way the "same" work as I did back there xD
    Working on Complains, forwarding informations, Support, and so on.. quit funny :)

    So yeah.. that's me.
    24, employed and single xD

    Greetings and let's make a good job here with ECO!

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