• This thread is for introducing yourself to the group! Along with your intro please post:

    • Your experience with programming/art/audio/QA/development
    • Are you currently in the games industry? Other tech industry? A student?
    • What involvement do you hope to have in Eco? From simply watching, to playing around with the code, to actually contributing features.

    I'm John K, I'm the designer of Eco, President and a Founder at Strange Loop Games. I work on the design and programming, and promotion and business side. Strange Loop has been around for 5 years and we've made a number of games. I wrote the liquid physics engine and editor for Vessel (check it out if you haven't, it's our first game! and designed all the puzzles. On Eco I'm working on the ecosystem simulation, and general design and programming as well as managing the project as a whole.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

  • Hello Eco Team!

    I'm Keegan O'Rourke, a painter and photographer that has always kept a keen eye on game development, biding my time. Over the past years I've developed my skills in software appropriate for environment art (and learned a lot of generalist knowledge as the indie scene and focused projects with smaller teams are what interests me the most), and Eco is turning out to be my real chance to do work in the games industry that's not just a level for free here or there. I couldn't be more excited to dive into it with a project like this that shares a lot of room with the things I've always enjoyed pursuing the most in my art-- fragile and beautiful environments, thriving, threatened, or destroyed. Often it's a mix of all three, and Eco is set to create a game world that recognizes this reality.

    I am excited to contribute to Eco with my experience as an artist, avid hiker, and local of the Pacific Northwest. I met John K at a game jam and have been on the team at Strange Loop Games for the past few months helping with technical art. I look forward to continuing this work when I get back from a big trip overseas I planned when I had no idea I'd have the opportunity to work for Strange Loop Games. But I think seeing more of the world and how it interacts with its environment can only lend more to what I am able to bring to the project.

    I'm also looking forward to seeing how Eco grows and to being part of the community it creates.

  • Hey, Fuller here. I'm one of the devs at Strange Loop. The modding API is my baby and I'll be putting tons of time into it to make sure it's the best it can be for the community. Other than modding, I'll probably be all over the place.

  • Hello.

    I'm Eric, Tech Director for Strange Loop Games. I pretty much work on a little bit of everything on the tech side and dabble with design (argue with John) here and there.

  • Hey all -- Mike Hines here. I'm currently the art director at Goblinworks in Redmond on Pathfinder Online, and am a huge fan of the project concept for Eco. I backed at the dev level so I can hopefully contribute in my 'spare' time. I've been a game developer for 17 years and an artist and musician for most of my life. I have been personally developing projects that are socially beneficial and contribute to awareness, and Eco is right along those lines.

    I do almost everything except full-out programming on the game development side, but my strengths are in concept/illustration, environment (3d), vfx, lighting, in-engine-tech-art and audio. I'm fluent in Max, Maya and Unity, and decently skilled in Mudbox/Zbrush. I've also been a lead or director for most of my career and am happy to help with feedback/insights on that front if useful. More details on my experience at if you need it.

  • Hi, I'm Isla. My real life job is a test analyst for a financial company over here in the UK, which is one reason I wanted access to the developer forums. I want to see what you guys are working on so I can try it out. I'm interested in helping find all the bugs and raising loads of bug reports.

    So I guess my hopeful role around here will be a bit of QA.

    I don't really know much about programming or anything like that, but I pick things up fast. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

  • Hi there!

    My name is Jimmy Utterström, I'm a Swedish electrical engineering student. I'm also doing some freelance web development work a bit now and then. In my studies I'm mainly working with embedded systems and low level programming (which I'm sometimes writing about at my blog on Though I've been doing quite much web development as well and I'm also quite interested in game development. But unfortunately I haven't really had the time to do more than some basic modding and fiddling around a bit in Unity when it comes to games. I've got quite much experience of working with C# though so I'm definitely looking forward to see what tools the modding API will provide.

    I'm also the creator and administrator of the "server focused" Eco community Dewy Hills ( The main reason why I opted in for the developer access is to keep up to date with the development as well as I would like to get more info about the source code and modding API for being able to integrate server features onto our community website later on.

    I'm very excited to see what will happen these following months! I really believe that this game has huge potential and I hope and believe that it will turn out into something amazing!

  • Hey. I'm Josh, a student in London, and a developer/(fledgling) designer on a semi-professional, but mostly free time basis. I'm a very capable programmer and looking forward to hacking on the game's code and APIs. From there I'm more than happy to submit a few patches if there's any features that are being passed out to the community, or just fix comment typos :)

  • Hi, I'm John and I'm a College student going for Network administration, but I had actually almost went into videogame development but I changed last minute.

    I've been looking forward to this game for a while now and I am ecstatic to see that it has reached it's funding goal and I can't wait to start playing it and helping develop it if I could through suggestions and the like.

  • Hello, I'm Wyatt. I am currently in High school and work as an Auditorium Technician (Sound, lighting, etc). I've loved working with technology for most of my life, but started getting into programming in the last 3ish years. Most of my knowledge is of PHP and HTML, though I can usually decipher basic scripts in other languages. I stream on occasionally and have been running a Minecraft server network for almost 3 years now.
    I hope to contribute to Eco in anyway I can, but I am also hoping to use this opportunity as a learning experience and add to my technological abilities.

  • Hi all. I'm Kenny and a web developer in my free time. While I don't really know much about programming beyond php etc, I hope to pick things up fast and contribute where I can.
    Look forward to working and getting to know you all.

  • Hey, I'm Oliver. I have very little in the ways of programming, but have helped with testing for bugs in multiple games for the past couple of years and am more than happy to test out Eco until it's perfect!

    So, yeah, not much in the ways of coding but really looking forward to helping with the bug testing side of things, I've also written many blogs in my life and so am happy to help with that side of things!

  • I'm a designer, artist, and developer with a background in biology, and interested in contributing where I might.

  • Hello all. I'm Brooks, and head up all things digital for James Cameron, currently that means Avatar. Of course, ecosystem games are our bread and butter, so I couldn't help but fund someone else trying to make games that force people to actually have an impact on the world they are in through their choices.

    Once upon a time I could code, design, and make games. These days I'm executive so I expect to be wholly useless.

  • Hello the Internet!

    I'm a programmer with primarily web experience, but I'm looking forward to being able to contribute to this project when I have time. I'll pop around from place to place before settling into a specific area (or continue to dip my hands wherever I can).

  • Hi, I'm Tamino from germany. I'm a highschool-student and I love the idea behind this game.
    I love programming and started with some easy games, but of course I'm a beginner.
    I hope with the membership in this forum I can help to add some minor ideas to Eco and make this game awesome. I'd love to be a part of the development of Eco.

  • Hey there All!

    Albloutant (Al) here! Been a software developer for over 10 years where my day job is senior server developer for a game company in Ottawa, Canada.

    Seeing as my focus over the years has been server development, i'd like to help where I can in the server side of things (web components, server applications).

    Glad to see this game getting the hype it deserves

  • Hey all, I'm jonathan. I did the server side for the upcoming worms4 mobile game for team17 but have left them now to work in a more relaxed field. I'm mainly a server developer in Java and PHP, but have experience with C# too. I used to run minecraft server and developed my own plugins.

    I'm hoping to get involved a little bit with the eco server side and then host some server later on. Looking forward to seeing all the amazing things in the eco project!

  • Wow really impressive group we have here! Great to e-meet you all.

  • bow Senpai

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