• Hey. I'm Josh, a student in London, and a developer/(fledgling) designer on a semi-professional, but mostly free time basis. I'm a very capable programmer and looking forward to hacking on the game's code and APIs. From there I'm more than happy to submit a few patches if there's any features that are being passed out to the community, or just fix comment typos :)

  • Hi, I'm John and I'm a College student going for Network administration, but I had actually almost went into videogame development but I changed last minute.

    I've been looking forward to this game for a while now and I am ecstatic to see that it has reached it's funding goal and I can't wait to start playing it and helping develop it if I could through suggestions and the like.

  • Hello, I'm Wyatt. I am currently in High school and work as an Auditorium Technician (Sound, lighting, etc). I've loved working with technology for most of my life, but started getting into programming in the last 3ish years. Most of my knowledge is of PHP and HTML, though I can usually decipher basic scripts in other languages. I stream on occasionally and have been running a Minecraft server network for almost 3 years now.
    I hope to contribute to Eco in anyway I can, but I am also hoping to use this opportunity as a learning experience and add to my technological abilities.

  • Hi all. I'm Kenny and a web developer in my free time. While I don't really know much about programming beyond php etc, I hope to pick things up fast and contribute where I can.
    Look forward to working and getting to know you all.

  • Hey, I'm Oliver. I have very little in the ways of programming, but have helped with testing for bugs in multiple games for the past couple of years and am more than happy to test out Eco until it's perfect!

    So, yeah, not much in the ways of coding but really looking forward to helping with the bug testing side of things, I've also written many blogs in my life and so am happy to help with that side of things!

  • I'm a designer, artist, and developer with a background in biology, and interested in contributing where I might.

  • Hello all. I'm Brooks, and head up all things digital for James Cameron, currently that means Avatar. Of course, ecosystem games are our bread and butter, so I couldn't help but fund someone else trying to make games that force people to actually have an impact on the world they are in through their choices.

    Once upon a time I could code, design, and make games. These days I'm executive so I expect to be wholly useless.

  • Hello the Internet!

    I'm a programmer with primarily web experience, but I'm looking forward to being able to contribute to this project when I have time. I'll pop around from place to place before settling into a specific area (or continue to dip my hands wherever I can).

  • Hi, I'm Tamino from germany. I'm a highschool-student and I love the idea behind this game.
    I love programming and started with some easy games, but of course I'm a beginner.
    I hope with the membership in this forum I can help to add some minor ideas to Eco and make this game awesome. I'd love to be a part of the development of Eco.

  • Hey there All!

    Albloutant (Al) here! Been a software developer for over 10 years where my day job is senior server developer for a game company in Ottawa, Canada.

    Seeing as my focus over the years has been server development, i'd like to help where I can in the server side of things (web components, server applications).

    Glad to see this game getting the hype it deserves

  • Hey all, I'm jonathan. I did the server side for the upcoming worms4 mobile game for team17 but have left them now to work in a more relaxed field. I'm mainly a server developer in Java and PHP, but have experience with C# too. I used to run minecraft server and developed my own plugins.

    I'm hoping to get involved a little bit with the eco server side and then host some server later on. Looking forward to seeing all the amazing things in the eco project!

  • Wow really impressive group we have here! Great to e-meet you all.

  • bow Senpai

  • HI, I am Tony I am a software developer for a copy that archives news. I work mainly in c# and hope to help, but mostly play around with the code see what type of stuff I can blow up!

    Thank you

  • Hi, I'm Matt from the UK. Ive done some coding on 2 games.
    I'm still a beginner at this, so I'm really here to learn more about the development of this fantastic game.

    I cant wait to get involved and get to know you all on here and ingame!

  • Hello everyone.

    I am Jerrid Fuehrer from Nebraska USA. I have done web design and some minor PHP/mysql coding in the past and tinkering with C++/C#/Python/Java. Currently working in a non-related field to support the family until my loans are paid off.

    Looking forward to helping in any way that I can.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm Guillaume FRANCOIS from France, 33 springs. I'm a cross border worker in Luxembourg. I'm mainly to be a Senior Java Analyst Programmer but I sliding a bit to DevOps due to my Infrastructure and Network skill.

    I'm currently in charge of a "big" public European web site, one sub-site part of domain but can't disclose the one, which is using a redundant architecture with floating IPs, load-balancers and clustering. Big mean about 700K visits, 60M pages, 200M hits, 850GB of external bandwidth by month.

    I'm part of a group about 15 users and due to my skill I'm in charge of our dedicated server running service and tool like two minecraft servers, one 7 Day to Die server, mumble server, teamspeak server, wikis, private git server, lamp stack etc....

    My skill regarding project technologies (Unity and C#) are low (or non-existent) but as I state previously, I could at least help with game localization, code review and so on.

    I'm also willing to provide my point of view is requesting regarding any aspect of the game.

    I planned to contribute on my free time (out of work and family).

    Best Regards.

  • Hello I am loïc from France.I worked 10 years in video games mainly on 3d engines, content creation tools and a bit of rendering until 2004. Since I'm working with .net technologies on cloud based distributed software + microservices applications.

    Depending of the game progress and if I have free time (which will be possible if I find great interest) I may be interested to contribute on development of any kind as long as it's challenging.

    This is one kind of game I always dreamed to realize and the economic aspect is something I have a great interest in!

  • Heya, my real name is Jane but everyone online calls me Jes ;)

    Currently feeling rather ouclassed by all the talent here, as in Real Life I'm a just a lowly sys admin for a major utilities company in the UK, running (and testing upgrades/enhancements for) a 3,000 license project document management system. I do have a Comp Sci and Software Engineering BSc to my name, but my coding skills are more than a little rusty these days, and were never my true forte if I'm honest! I preferred to specialised in interface design and system useablity, HCI is one of the most fascinating branches of psychology if you ask me :)

    I do, however, have a pretty fearsome reputation as a software tester with the providers of the system I run (plus ten years experience in writing test scripts and testing regimes - in their words, they call me in when they want something 'destruct tested'), plus a couple of minor experiences bug testing developments in a couple of online games, so hopefully that will be some use.

    Why ECO? Well, I love multiplayer games, but whereas I'd prefer to just sit back and be a crafter of some kind, in most games you can't progress without getting involved in fighting, and I'm not much cop at that! So when ECO popped up in my FB feed, I pretty much decided there and then I had to give it a try! Plus I love the educational aspect of the game, too - hopefully it will get people thinking about how we treat our world.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am Ethan Lambert currently a Fresh/sophomore in college. I was Auditorium Technician in high school and currently work for HP in their enterprise cloud division, currently have the most experience in Python and Java, but I am working on learning, C++/C, C#, and Javascript.

    I hope to be able to learn a lot about the AI that has been developed for Eco, and in turn push a lot to Eco to help in development. I am also interested in economics and business and hope to help out on how the economy and businesses works in Eco. Also have a fair amount of server equipment to test stuff on so probably will be working with the QA team.

    I cant wait to see how things develop and to help out Eco!

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