More intricate law conditions

  • It would be really nice to have some more mechanics around laws and data around laws.

    Let me set the scene:

    I want to make sure that we re-plant all the trees that we cut down. Simple enough. Since I can't be breathing down on everyone's neck on the server, it would be nice to set it as a law.

    I've been at this for a while now, and can't figure out how to do this, which led me here to offer some more general suggestions than the problem above.

    1: Allow Law Conditions to be based on species population. I.e.: Prevent harvest of species X if the population is below [constant]
    1.1: ... if the population is declining by [trend]
    2: Add "Planting" as an action condition to the law system
    3: once breeding becomes a thing, add breeding in a similar fashion
    4: Allow trends as conditions. Some simple presets could be nice, like "declining by 10% per day"

  • I also had an idea for a law hoping to have a similar effect and was unable to make it using the current system. Given that trees are an important resource, and that many servers seem to have dwindling tree populations due to deforestation, I wanted to propose a law that upon attempting to plant a sapling a player is rewarded (perhaps with reputation); this would encourage players to make the extra effort to replant trees. I would actually like to see reputation rewards for more of these kinds of responsible actions, similar to the way a company in real life would leverage their green actions for reputation.

  • I was attempting to create a law to limit the number of trees cut per day by a player in a specific district, but I wasn't able to add the parameter "limit one tree per day for each player" with the current law system. Here what I was able to do, but the parameter "time performed (days)" is not the number of times the action can be done per day but the day itself since the server started. So if it is day 7 on the server, time performed (days) = 7.

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