Really Nasty Worldgen Issues

  • So far, I've not had a fresh world generate that includes every biome, plant and animal.

    The "terracing" seems to make all of the rivers deep ravines, with near zero flat land, and there are ore veins 100-200 blocks large at the surface.

    Most of the worlds I spawn are all ice or birch biome, and I had less than 10 tomatoes over three maps

    Something is seriously wrong with worldgen here.
    I'm not the only one, either. Capture.PNGCapture.PNG image.png Capture3.PNG Capture2.PNG

    I'm completely unable to make basic recipes and make basic progression in small to large collab, and I'm really getting frustrated.
    I mean, I'm struggling to find a piece of ground that is big enough for a single building.

    A reversion of the worldgen changes is probably a good plan until you figure out what's going on.