Hosted Server Issues Updating to 7.2/7.2.1?

  • I understand this is probably better asked of the server hosts, but our group is trying to verify whether or not our server was actually updated to 7.2.1 (hotfix) this morning.

    We're seeing, for example, urchins that produce raw fish, and not urchin meat, which we're told is what's supposed to happen in 7.2/7.2.1. We've compared some of the cs files (EcoSim, for example) between our hosted server and someone's local install of the Eco server, and they do not match.

    The hosted server's boot console reports 7.2.1, but these files are not the same. Since we are hosted with a third party, we're limited to working with just the MOD and CS files, but not the server core (dlls and exes) without getting the host to intervene on our behalf. We were told that we need to have the Eco.Mod.DLL deleted so the Steam updater could make necessary changes, but if that's one file we need to nuke, are there others?

    Has anyone with third party hosting updated to 7.2/7.2.1? We're with PingPerfect, if that matters.


  • Well, apparently problem solved. PingPerfect's control panel has TWO Steam update mechanisms, one for the release track, and one for beta tracks. I had updated to 7.2 using the release button, but 7.2.1 using the beta button. So the server was updated to 7.2.1...but skipped 7.2.0, so we had all of the old stuff (config, mods, etc) running with the latest EXE.

    Problem solved, and let this serve as a warning to everyone: Read the fine print! XD

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