Server Logging Help ( extended options request)

  • Hello,
    I am new to Eco and am currently setting up servers and server hosting solutions for the game. I am already excited to be part of the community but I have run into a few issues.

    My Main goal is to be able to pull log information and live stats via php to display on a website.
    I have identified the log locations in the "archive" but the issue is that php is unable to select from the .eco file format
    thus not allowing log and other information to be pulled live.

    I am aware that this file can be extracted manually and then used as a txt format to pull via php but this is obviously not live nor is it
    viable for a hosting platform.

    To summarize:
    I am wanting/looking for a way to have all files for the server saved outside of the archive format and stored in the storage folder as such:

    I am also aware of the built in website structure that is being worked on as well but I am in need of direct live data from the server.
    I have seen the compression Option within the settings and Will attempt to see if this is already a feature that i can turn off so that the files are saved as I have explained above.

    Tho the list is extensive and shows two options for none.

    Thank you for the support on this.

    Thank you,


    I have attempted setting the compression level to both selections for None and no success, still archives files. :(

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