DS-lite issue

  • So is there any plans to work around the DS-lite issue? I feel with the way ISPs are today and IPv6 speed vs IPv4 this is turning a lot of people off from the game for a few reasons.

    1. The average person does not understand DS-lite and it's incompatibility with ECO
    2. Most currently running servers are either private or overcrowded
    3. Most people would appreciate the ease of hitting the "join game" button on steam vs spending X amount of hours setting up and configuring a server to find out it's impossible
    4. As this game is focused on the multiplayer experience (and that's a lot of what I bought it for) for the multiplayer to not work for a lot of the player base provides a jaded image of the game
      So yeah, I guess when do you think my brother can just hit "join game" without a headache and it never working? (Also before u say anything, yes I know I can rent a server but why pay for a month when I just want to play with 1 or two people when our schedules line up)

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