Server needs IPv6 Support

  • Hallo,

    in Germany some of internet providers gives only a ipv6 addresses.

  • At this time Eco server only supports IPV4. There are discussions about adding support for IPV6. IPV4 is need because UPnP IGP is used setting up the client server. IPB4 is only needed if you are going to be hosting the server. It is understood that some ISPs in the EU do not, as a matter of course, offer IPV4 to their customers and this has on a couple of occasions meant that players have been unable to set up servers that would connect, although they still had access to play on other servers and with other players. In only a couple of instances that I know of has the cplayer no been able to get IVP4 enabled on their account because they absolutely wants to host a server. Hosting a server is not necessary to playing the game.

    i work closely with several German Game Hosting companies and they host the servers with IPV4 available so that maybe an option to look into if you are unable to get your ISP to enable IPV4 for you

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