Clays Toolkit - v3.1.0 - For BETA 7.1.2

  • You only have to remove the homes.ctk and homelogs.ctk as these were updated in later versions.

  • @everyone With the AFK Monitor, issues were raised quickly, and we responded as quickly as possible, this releases offer a better afk checking mechanism, configuration and more! Please find the list of changes below:

    • AFK Monitor checks have been increased and it's now more reasonable in booting.
    • AFK Monitor now allows you to set after how long it should boot the player /afk-timer [Minutes]
    • AFK Monitor can be switched on or off using /afk-on /afk-off respectively.
    • AFK Monitor now has a config file.
    • AFK Monitor will warn the player before booting, at 80% the time (ex: 5 mins afk time, @4mins receive a warning box)
    • MOTD will now auto start when server is up, if you have any messages to display.
    • Bookshelf has received storage space for all our books and skill scrolls.
    • Recycling has received some attention with Recycle Skill, Recycle Effeciency Skill and Recycle Speed Skill
      -Recycle Carts has been added to the mix
    • Recycle Woodpulp to Boards has received a time decrease, was 3mins and now it's 1min.
    • Update all recycling recipes to reflect the Recycle Skill requirement, more to be done here later.

    Hope you enjoy this awesome release!


  • thank you for your quick fix!!! already up and running on 7.2 :)

  • Will this work on the latest update?

  • Yes it does :)

  • Its not working anymore. i remove this complete now from server!

  • @Gjafar I just installed it and its working fine for me :)

  • Idk what happens, but server doesnt start right now. I installed everything right and still not working.
    I installed v3.1.1 instead v3.1.0.
    Looks like it was broken.

  • It is always suggested that you report issues only when running the latest version of the toolkit with the latest of eco


  • FYI the commands /afk-on and /afk-off do not work. Command cannot be found.

  • it works here, sure you have the latest dll ?

  • Latest dll and also, you must be admin

    it is part of the claystk-admin.dll

  • A new version will be out soon,

    If you want to report any bugs to be fixed for next release, please feel free to forward them to me,