Clays Toolkit - v3.1.0 - For BETA 7.1.2

  • Description:
    A Toolkit for all servers with modular mods, want to remove a mod? find it, and delete it.

    Extract into Mods folder.

    Mods Included:

    Clays Toolkit Base Mod
    Contains the saving and chat features for mods to base off of

    Added ability to wipe and auto backup of logs (Admins Only)

    • /wipe-tplogs - backs up the logs for teleport and wipes the list from the server. (Can be used to reset counters)
    • /wipe-homes - backs up the list of homes and wipes the active list. (Useful when starting a new world!)
    • /wipe-homelogs - backs up the list of home logs usage and clears the active list. (Can be used to reset counters)

    Allow your players to make use of items / materials that will otherwise sit in a chest somewhere in the wilderness

    • Recycle Wooden Shovel and Hoe
    • Recycle Wood pulp and tallow into boards (Chip boards)
    • Recycle Small cart into a fraction of the materials costed to create one
    • Recycle Hewn Logs to Logs

    Give your player the ability to teleport into one of their homes, at a cost and/or with limitations

    • /home [HomeName] - Teleport to HomeName.
    • /home-add [HomeName] - Add this location to the list of homes, now only on own
    • /home-remove [HomeName] - Remove this home from list
    • /home-list - Display a list of all the homes you have saved
    • /home-cost - Adjust the calorie cost for homes usage
    • /home-limit - Adjust the max number of times that home teleportation can be used daily.
    • /home-maxhomes - Adjust the maximum number of homes any player can have

    Daily Rewards
    Give your awesome players daily gifts, players must be active for at least 30 minutes before they can claim their reward.

    • /daily - Collect your daily gift of tokens
    • /daily-reward - Set the number of tokens to be given to the player claiming this reward
    • /daily-loyalty - Toggle the loyalty system on or off, if on, daily reward will yield 1 more every 3 days ontop of the amount set with /daily-reward.
      Daily rewards can now be collected from the flag!

    Vote Rewards
    Reward your players for voting for your server. Players must play 20 minutes before claiming their reward

    • /vote - provides you with link to vote for the server
    • /reward - get your token reward
    • /apikey - add an api key [AdminOnly]
    • /rewardtokens - set a value that you want to reward to your players when they cast their vote [AdminOnly]
    • /tick - Retrieve the latest votes from
    • /top-voters - Get the top voters in accordance to

    Let your players exchange their earned tokens into goods

    • /exchange <int> - Exchange Skill Points into Tokens

    Including /online and /online-count

    • /lastonline <playername> - Display when this player was last online, if ever
    • /stats <playername> - Display statistics of this player, if ever seen on this server
    • /election - Display election information, if an election is ongoing
    • /rules - If set by the server, this will display the server rules.
    • /online - Show the list of players that are online right now
    • /online-count - Show the number of people online
    • /admins - Show the list of admins
    • /admins-online - Display the list of admins who are online
    • /version - Displays the version number of CTK installed on the server

    Gives the ability to players to teleport to each other, costing calories and also, with cool down.

    • */tp <username> - Send a teleportation request to an online player..
    • /tpa - Accept the last teleport request, if any.
    • /tphere - Teleport a player to you [AdminOnly]
    • /tpcost - Adjust the cost in calories for when teleporting.
    • /tpcooldown - Adjust the cooldown timer (in seconds)
    • /tpexpiry - Adjust the expiration of requests. Default 15 seconds

    Toggle Light Sources
    right-click to turn off or on, any light sources (pauses fuel consumption also)

    Slap, Punch or Wave at friends and foes.

    • /slap [VictimName] - Slap someone with a sock.
    • /punch [VictimName] - Let's do it like aussie's and punch each other for the fun of it
    • /wave [FriendName] - Wave at a friend from anywhere in the world.
    • /hug [FriendName] - Hug a friend from anywhere in the world.
    • /joke - Get a random joke!

    MOTD [AdminOnly]
    custom timings and modes (slow 1 message every time and fast all every time), allows you to add, remove, enable, disable, list, send at will from ingame chat

    • /motd-on - Switch on MOTDs
    • /motd-off - Switch off MOTDs
    • /motd-add <message> - Add the specified message to your MOTD list.
    • /motd-remove <id> - Remove the message bearing the specified id from the list.
    • /motd-list - List all MOTDs you have set on the server.
    • /motd-send - Skip the timer and send the next MOTD.
    • /motd-mode - Toggle between slow and fast modes
    • /motd-interval - Adjust the interval at which the next motd is to be sent*

    Gaming Experience Improvements

    • Breaking Debris yields less Woodpulp (3 instead of 5 per debris)
    • Use wood pulp as fuel in Cooking benches
    • Increased weight limits in carts including powered cart
    • Excavator has more storage, for more digging goodness
    • Reduced calorie consumption on debris pickup (to encourage cleaning the mess after chopping trees)
    • Housing Objects to decorate your home with.
    • Automatically kick afk players.


    • /motd-on - Activates MOTD
    • /motd-off - Deactivates MOTD
    • /motd-list - List all MOTDs
    • /motd-remove [ID} - Remove Message with given ID
    • /motd-add [MESSAGE] - Adds Message to list of MOTDs
    • /tp [USERNAME] - Teleport to an online username for a cost (calories)
    • /online - Display online players count + list
    • /online-count - Displays online players count
    • /online-admins - Displays online admins list
    • /admins - Displays admins list
    • Right click on light sources to turn them off or on.
    • Right click on Gift Piles to collect your tokens!


    • /motd-add Hello World
    • /motd-remove 0

    Misc / Bug Fixes

    • Tokens have been fixed to be used with right clicking on them, even in chests

    Thanks to:
    @ClayC - Programmer
    @emmeck - Programmer
    @phlo - Designer
    @Ekke - Tester
    @Spoffy - Tester

    Please use the official Clay's ToolKit website to download any version you like.

    WARNING - Install at your own risk, make sure to take backups of your saves before installing

  • wich dll includes idle kick ? i would like to disable it or set it much longer, i get kicked while i'm browsing recipes.
    Also, i would like to tweak some things but in this current format it's impossible, are you planning to make at least the "home" part with normal .cs files so it's possible to edit them like it was on earlier versions ?
    For example i would like the chest to not accept block carriable objects, and disable weight limit, i saw on earlier version it was commented. any way to uncomment that line from the dll ?

  • I agree, how do you get rid of that idle kicker. It's way to fast and will kick you even if your not idle (such as sorting items or looking in store) Constantly having to move every 30 sec or so is getting really old.

  • /home is broken too, i think i'm going to revert to older version for now
    also all carpets has no icon, it's just me? on older version too they have no icon.

  • Hi,
    As far as the idle kicker goes, it's part of the claystk-admin.dll you can install the previous version for now to disable it, as not much can be done about it.

    As for the /home, I was not able to replicate any issues, can you please provide more information about this?


  • there's an error while loading server that says it cant load command as they exists already:

    then ingame i get kicked with this:

    Caught exception: Caught exception invoking RPC SendChat on ChatManager!

    Eccezione generata dalla destinazione di una chiamata.
    Cannot deserialize the current JSON array (e.g. [1,2,3]) into type 'Eco.CTK.Homes' because the type requires a JSON object (e.g. {"name":"value"}) to deserialize correctly.
    To fix this error either change the JSON to a JSON object (e.g. {"name":"value"}) or change the deserialized type to an array or a type that implements a collection interface (e.g. ICollection, IList) like List<T> that can be deserialized from a JSON array. JsonArrayAttribute can also be added to the type to force it to deserialize from a JSON array.
    Path '', line 1, position 1.

    in System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor)
    in System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.UnsafeInvokeInternal(Object obj, Object[] parameters, Object[] arguments)
    in System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture)
    in Eco.Gameplay.Systems.Chat.ChatManager.InvokeCommand(String commandName, MethodInfo method, String args, User user)
    in Eco.Gameplay.Systems.Chat.ChatManager.ProcessAsCommand(String text, User user)
    in Eco.Gameplay.Systems.Chat.ChatManager.SendChat(ChatMessage msg, String text, User user)

    you have 2 claystk.home.dll now, one inside objects and one out, looks like there's some conflict? the one inside isn't updated, same size/date of previous version, maybe is the old one ?

  • I see, you are coming from CTK v2.3.3 by any chance?

    The config files should be wiped when updating to v3.0.0+

    Also for faster help and support, I suggest you join my discord server, which can be found on my homepage


  • no my first clays was 3.0.1.
    btw it gives error while loading server, i'll try to trash clays folder next time

  • You only have to remove the homes.ctk and homelogs.ctk as these were updated in later versions.

  • @everyone With the AFK Monitor, issues were raised quickly, and we responded as quickly as possible, this releases offer a better afk checking mechanism, configuration and more! Please find the list of changes below:

    • AFK Monitor checks have been increased and it's now more reasonable in booting.
    • AFK Monitor now allows you to set after how long it should boot the player /afk-timer [Minutes]
    • AFK Monitor can be switched on or off using /afk-on /afk-off respectively.
    • AFK Monitor now has a config file.
    • AFK Monitor will warn the player before booting, at 80% the time (ex: 5 mins afk time, @4mins receive a warning box)
    • MOTD will now auto start when server is up, if you have any messages to display.
    • Bookshelf has received storage space for all our books and skill scrolls.
    • Recycling has received some attention with Recycle Skill, Recycle Effeciency Skill and Recycle Speed Skill
      -Recycle Carts has been added to the mix
    • Recycle Woodpulp to Boards has received a time decrease, was 3mins and now it's 1min.
    • Update all recycling recipes to reflect the Recycle Skill requirement, more to be done here later.

    Hope you enjoy this awesome release!


  • thank you for your quick fix!!! already up and running on 7.2 :)

  • Will this work on the latest update?

  • Yes it does :)

  • Its not working anymore. i remove this complete now from server!

  • @Gjafar I just installed it and its working fine for me :)

  • Idk what happens, but server doesnt start right now. I installed everything right and still not working.
    I installed v3.1.1 instead v3.1.0.
    Looks like it was broken.

  • It is always suggested that you report issues only when running the latest version of the toolkit with the latest of eco


  • FYI the commands /afk-on and /afk-off do not work. Command cannot be found.

  • it works here, sure you have the latest dll ?

  • Latest dll and also, you must be admin

    it is part of the claystk-admin.dll

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