Can't use campfire

  • Sever: Private Server 6.4.2 alpha
    Client Version: 6.4.2 alpha
    Detailed Description of Issue:
    After starting a new game with the latest download 6.4.2 for both client and server, i started collecting resources, i built a campfire and put down the workbench after selecting some basic skills.
    Once i had a few turkey's (6) i went to cook them but the option to cook turkey was not lit up.
    I thought i might not of selected the wrong skill so i went to the wiki and it says the campfire basic cooking is under survivalist, so i looked, no campfire option at all. I looked under chef and there is campfire with all the options.
    so i made a new campfire in the workbench and put it down still no cooking recipes available except making torches.

    I think basic campfire is under the wrong menu (chef) and the basic recipes are not being given when a campfire is made in the workbench.


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